Dele Farotimi Responds To The Individual Who Claimed Peter Obi Won In The South East Because He Is A Local.

Dele Farotimi, an attorney and representative for the OBIDATTI Presidential campaign council, reacted to the claim made on Twitter by a user that Peter Gregory Obi won the South East only because of his racial affinities. It is commonly known that Peter Obi won the South East region of the presidential election on February 25.

The Twitter user, whose account is shown in the screenshot below, asserted that Peter Obi’s victory was primarily attributable to his regional heritage. Dele Farotimi gave arguments in opposition to this assertion. He noted that Awolowo’s influence allowed parties like AG, UPN, and AD to win sizable victories in the West, and that in a same way, the people of the South East embraced Peter Obi because they had a thorough grasp of him.

I think Farotimi’s response was appropriate because I think the other guy was probably speaking off-topic. However, Farotimi should learn to tell Obidients to cease deriding and cursing people because of their ideas, in line with the Labour Party and others.