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Depressed Doctor Who Has Been Posting Farewell Texts On Facebook Allegedly Dies By Suicide

Depression leading to suicide is becoming more and more prevalent in this modern world that we live in. The news streams in from daily with many getting shocked about how many who take their lives are looking for a way out. It is not the right way, but the easy way out.

A Kenyan doctor identified as Kirui Edwin on Facebook has left many devastated by his death.

The medic has been taking to his Facebook account to announce or rather talk about his death.

In one of the tearjerkings post he shared, Kirui Edwin revealed that he had been through a lot and his time on earth was over.

In another post, he stated that he had been dead inside for a long time and nobody cared. Kirui urged those who knew him not to cry during his funeral.

Kurui, who had more than 3,900 friends on Facebook was mocked, called names and even some of them volunteered to foot his burial expenses after he shared the disturbing message. Others even offered to show him the easiest way to die without informing the world.

The depressed doctor was found hanging dead having committed suicide less than 24 hours after he shared his last post on facebook.

Here are some of the reactions from his friends on Facebook;