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Dino Melaye Suffering From Political Hubristic Syndrome – Onoh


Dr. Josef Umunnakwe Onoh, the spokesman of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presidential campaign Tinubu, has slammed Dino Melaye.

He described the Asaba, Delta state theatrics of his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterpart, Senator Dino Melaye, as a political hubris syndrome.

Melaye had in a PDP presidential rally in Asaba on Tuesday mocked the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, by repeatedly falling to the ground at the PDP presidential rally.

Onoh in his reaction said that Melaye was suffering from political hubris syndrome who is a tool in PDP’s presidential campaign, willing and ready to “assist” his principal whom he said is always ready to break the ground rules for a fee or through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

“Dino’s nuisance value to the PDP is only displayed and usually found in areas where his principal and associates, who are never willing and ready to do the right thing accordingly, where laws are broken with reckless abandon.

“Surprisingly, the same uncultured character who earned national honours in breaking down, and collapsing on the streets of Abuja, is the same character that’s always shouting foul. Notorious for use of disrespectful and profane words with a total lack of character, he did what he does best as a presidential campaign jester by suffering yet another hubris attack and collapsed to the jest and delight of a group of organised dysfunctional patients, all suffering hubris syndrome. What an irony,” Onoh mocked.

The Tinubu spokesman in the southeast said that Melaye’s hubris syndrome disorder, which in Greek means “inviting disaster,” left him (Maleye) with impaired insight so that it is difficult for his personal physician to impose treatment even if the treatment was effective.

“It won’t proffer a cure for his crass, gutter genetically imbedded lack of character. There should be room for general management such as mobilising help from his close relatives (if not suffering from the same syndrome) and friends. Melaye’s hubristic syndrome by his collapse on stage today and having a medical history of always collapsing may accept help for complications such as public exposure of his buttocks while abroad a classic example of showing your behind rather than your mind.” Onoh further teased Melaye

He promised that Tinubu after assuming the office as president will be gracious enough to delegate the Minister for Health to provide Melaye with psychological treatment for his current disturbances of behaviour in a dysfunctional manner resulting in unwise and risk-laden decisions to the detriment of the people and presidential candidate he represents.

“Every dog is a representation of the owner in the display of character, hence it’s clear that a vote for the PDP presidential candidate will be a complete degeneration of character and positive role model foundation seriously needed in present society not a caricature to the appendage of the title of ‘most distinguished’ unto a character without any distinguished qualities within the spheres of socially acceptable norms in a decent society.

“Melaye’s excessive reactions in Asaba is a proof of mental deterioration best interpreted to be an excessive reaction to his dwindling personality and political life events, it’s understandable his current display of shame in Asaba unto himself is a coping mechanism in the face of serious threats of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s impending victory come February 25 which will be catastrophic to Dino Melaye (the bus conductor), his presidential candidate (the driver) and all the passengers aboard their Dubai destined SPV with a delusional bus conductor to their Atikulated destination.

“Let’s all come together and join hands with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to renew hope for our great nation, and in doing so, we also renew hope for Dino Melaye by voting for Tinubu come February presidential election,” Onoh satirized.