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Don Advocates Inclusion of Peace Education in School Curriculum

African academic, Prof. Kolawole Raheem, emphasizes the critical need for prioritizing Peace Education worldwide. He proposes its integration into both formal and informal learning settings, emphasizing cultural and spiritual relevance.

Raheem underscores the urgency by highlighting the increasing prevalence of violence globally and urges nations to adopt purposeful Peace Education within school curricula for sustainable development.

“So far, peace education is majorly taken as learning conflict resolution skills. It has not also been seen as a priority in our quest for sustainable development. We still think that it is enough to manage conflict and go on with our everyday lives. However, events all over the continents in this world show that violent activities are more rampant and taking many more innocent lives.

“The competition among nations and individuals has become very alarming. Even students at schools are perpetrators of violent activities that claim the lives of students and teachers. The political competition for leadership is a war. The more we talk of civilization the more we see savage things being promoted by the so-called modern man/woman.

“The way out of this quagmire is for nations to make use of their educationists to come up with purposive Peace Education that is contextualized for teaching and learning in schools. It must be part of the school curriculum just like science and other subjects,” he said.