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Dr. Daniel Olukoya Said. “What Happened After Soldiers Beat A Man Of God To Death In The Presence Of All The Prisoners.”

Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the general overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, recently shared a message with the public in a video on YouTube.

While speaking on the topic: WHEN YOU ARE NOTHING (4) in a Sunday worship service, the cleric reportedly shared a story that says “A man of God was taken as a prisoner. There were about 200 prisoners there. So they were taken to the farm. This man of God had been preaching to them, but they were mocking him and saying, “Why are you here if you know God?” He was jailed because of the wrong accusations. But he kept preaching to them. He was only able to persuade about 20 of them out of the 200. The 180 left laughed him to scorn. Suddenly, something happened one day. The shovels given to them to work were counted, and one was missing.

Speaking further Olukoya said “So the soldiers guarding them were very angry. They asked, “Who has stolen the shovel? If nobody confesses and the thief does not reveal himself, we will shoot you all dead.” Everybody heard ‘die’ and they could see that the soldiers were serious. So when nobody was coming out to say they stole it, five more soldiers came in to wipe them out. The preacher then came forward and said, ” I stole it.” They asked him again, and he confirmed that he stole it. They took a spade, and with that spade, they beat him to death in the presence of all the prisoners, only for them to discover after they had killed the man of God that they did not count the shovels correctly, that the number was complete, and they left one behind. The prisoners also realised that the man loved all of them so much and that, because he did not want everyone to die, he surrendered himself to be killed.

Speaking lastly Olukoya said ” That singular thing that happened converted the other 180 to Christ. That is true love. Willing to help people even when it hurts.