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Dr Olukoya Reveals What Differentiates Christianity From Other Religions

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members on, “Connecting To Pentecostal Power” at their Wednesday Manna Water Service.

According to him, “The Bible says, “He is that is above is above all” and reveals what differentiates Christianity from other religions. He said, “There is a power from on high, different from the power from below, different from the waters, and different from the magicians. It is the power from on high, and because it is the power from on high, every other power must bow, because, as a matter of rule in the school of power, when a lesser power confronts a greater power, the lesser power must bow. This is what differentiates Christianity from other religions.”

So, when the Bible says, “King of kings and Lord of lords, who are these other kings? Who are these other lords? They are you and me. He is King; we are the other kings. He is Lord; we are the other lords.

He then said that there is a problem. We are not really connecting to that pentecostal power that differentiates us from other religions. It is our inability to demonstrate this power that is making everyone suffer now. It is the scarcity of the power of God amongst us that is causing what is happening now. If each and every one of us demonstrates the power of God, even if we run 100 services here, there will not be enough space. But unfortunately, only a few people demonstrate some level of power.