Drama Ensues In Court Over Sophia Momodu’s Case Against Davido

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The suit between Adeleke David and Ms. Sophia Momodu proceeded on Friday as scheduled at Justice Bashua’s family court in Yaba amid mild drama.

Although the court session started late, once it commenced and appearances were noted, Sophia Momodu’s legal team, led by the esteemed Anthony SAN, immediately objected to the manner in which his client was served. They highlighted that the service was conducted via newspaper publication, which included the name of a minor, violating Sections 143, 144, and 145 of the Lagos State Child Rights Law of 2015.

The SAN emphasized the negative impact on the child, including exposure to harmful substances and mental distress.

The trial Judge remarked that he believed the service was carried out via WhatsApp. Subsequently, the Judge requested that the media, other litigants, and their lawyers leave the courtroom. He then independently decided to refer the case to the Lagos Settlement Week for resolution.

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