Early Signs That Indicate Someone Is Addicted to Sèx

The increasing prevalence of sèxual addiction is a growing concern for public health in the United States. Reports suggest that nearly 15 million people grapple with compulsive sexual behavior, and the National Council on Sèxual Addiction and Compulsivity estimates that 6 to 8 percent of the population is affected.

Recognizing the signs of sèxual addiction is crucial if you suspect that your partner, friend, or family member is struggling with this condition. Understanding these warning signs is the initial step toward assisting them in seeking treatment.

one of the primary indicators of sèxual addiction is an excessive preoccupation with the activity. Individuals addicted to sèx often have relentless thoughts about it, consume a significant amount of pornography, or spend extensive time searching for ways to fulfill their sèxual urges.

Engaging in indiscriminate sèxual encounters rather than having frequent consensual sèx is another red flag of sèxual addiction. This may involve participating in unprotected sèx, exchanging sexual content online, or meeting strangers for sèxual activities.