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Easter Celebration Unites Ogugu Ntu-egbenese Ancient Kingdom

The Ìgwè elect of Ogugu Ntu-egbenese Ancient Kingdom in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu, Chief Aloysius Chidozie Ogbonna, celebrated Easter with his community on Monday, April 1st.

The event, held at the proposed palace of Ubaojene 2 of Ogugu Ntu-egbenese Ancient Kingdom situated at Umuike – Umumba, welcomed attendees from across the 3 villages, including Ezioha, Amanabo and Ibite.

During the ceremony, Chief Poly Ofido, the President General of Ogugu Progressive Union, spoke to newsmen, highlighting the event’s essence in unifying the community and instilling a spirit of togetherness.

According to him, “Our ìgwè elect is celebrating Easter for us as a community that is united as a family.”

“As you can see, we are all enjoying and praising God to the fullness to mark the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ.”

“We are blessed with an ìgwè elect who understands the significance of Easter and peaceful coexistence as well as the importance of using this period to pray for our progress.”

Mrs. Regina Chioke, the Ogugu Woman leader, expressed her delight at the inclusivity of the Easter celebration, noting its role in actively engaging women in community unification affairs.

She praised Chief Ogbonna’s dedication to women’s empowerment and creating socio-economic opportunities for women within the kingdom.

“The Easter celebration provided a platform for women to actively participate in community unification affairs, showcasing Chief Ogbonna’s commitment to our advancement.”

“Ogugu women are proud to have a son and leader like him.”

‘Look at us, everybody is happy; for over 24 years, we have never been this united and happy.”

“Ogugu is now a peaceful community.”

Apostle Ethelbert Chukwura, Chairman of the Christian Community of Ogugu, commended Chief Ogbonna for promoting religious harmony and peaceful coexistence among diverse religious groups, setting a model for other communities.

“I want to appreciate Chief Ogbonna’s dedication to promoting religious harmony and fostering peaceful coexistence among diverse religious groups within the kingdom. It sets a model for other communities to emulate.”

“Since he emerged as our ìgwè elect, he has been at the forefront of unification and has shown unending commitment to our growth as a community.”

“This event also captures his dedication to our unity because when we begin to live as one, we tend to promote and protect each other as brothers, which is one of the ingredients that bring development.”

Also Speaking, High Chief Engr Emmanuel Ogbonna, the Arusi Ogugu, highlighted the cultural significance of the Easter celebration and praised Chief Ogbonna for preserving and promoting the kingdom’s traditional values, peace, and unity.

“Chief Ogbonna’s role in preserving and promoting our existing peace and unity has always been an insignia the community is known for.”

“As my nephew, I have always known him to be a peace-loving man, a unifier, and a great philanthropist, whose willingness to give to the needy as well as making people around him smile has never been doubted.”

“I am glad that Ogugu is gradually coming back to where it used to be.”

The event also included cultural dance performances, a gala night featuring freshly slaughtered cows for Suya, and music performances by upcoming musicians from the community, among other highlights.