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Edo 2024: “We Cannot Borrow A Governor”, APC Candidate, Okpebholo

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the September 2024 election, Distinguished Senator Monday Okpebholo, has expressed his profound gratitude to the people of Edo state for the overwhelming reception accorded to him upon his return to Esanland yesterday to commence a thank-you tour saying, Edo people cannot go outside it’s shores to borrow a governor”.

The APC candidate who received a jubilant welcome from a massive crowd of people upon his return to Esanland, following his victory as the party’s candidate during the primary election said, “somebody who cannot speak his language cannot be an Esan man. A true Esan man is here”.

In a stirring address to a gathering of supporters and well-wishers, the APC candidate articulated his vision for unity and progress in Edo State.

“May God bless us all… Amen,” Senator Okpebholo began, invoking blessings upon the entire community gathered before him. With a fervent “Amen” echoing through the crowd, the atmosphere was charged with hope and anticipation.

Continuing his address, Okpebholo extended his blessings to the three senatorial districts within Edo State. “May God bless you all… Amen,” he declared, emphasizing his desire for divine favor and prosperity to be bestowed upon every corner of the state.

Speaking directly to the people of Esanland, the Senator invoked the traditional saying “Esan di fure” (It shall be well with Esanland), expressing his commitment to the welfare and prosperity of the region.

Turning his attention to Benin, the historic heart of Edo State, the candidate proclaimed, “Edo di fure” (It shall be well with Benin), reaffirming his dedication to the city and its people. The crowd responded with enthusiastic approval, signaling their endorsement of his message.

Addressing the Afemai region, Senator Okpebholo declared, “Afemai di fure” (It shall be well with Afemai, underscoring his inclusive approach to governance and his commitment to serving all constituents, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Continuing, he said, “We will work in Esanland, we will work in Afemai, and we will work in Benin,” the candidate proclaimed boldly. And the crowd erupted into applause, affirming their endorsement.

In a moment of unity and clarity, Senator Okpebholo posed a rhetorical question to the crowd: “Are these not what you people want and looking for?” The resounding response of “Yes” echoed throughout the crowd, affirming their collective desire for positive change and effective leadership.

Concluding his address, the APC candidate asserted, “Edo State cannot be held to a standstill again… and there was a resounding “yes,”!

Earlier, his convoy made its way from Abuja to Ikabigbo in Etsako West Local Government Area, where he was hosted by the acting Chairman of the party, Emperor Jaret Tenebe. He later proceeded to Esanland, where a jubilant crowd welcomed him at Irua and accompanied him all the way to his private residence.

His kinsmen lined the roads from Irua, enthusiastically waving and expressing their joy. The motorcade from Edo North did not disembark; they joined in the welcome frenzy.

This marks the Senator’s first visit to his hometown after his declaration as the APC candidate.