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Election Tribunal: If They Are Not Up To No Good, Why Are They Hiding The Proceedings? — Gbadamosi

In the midst of the ongoing disputes surrounding the denial of the official political race council’s live inclusion procedures. Babatunde Gbadamosi, a well-known Nigerian financial manager, has come forward to say that it is not in the public interest to allow live streaming of the official political election processes.

This was recently stated by Babatunde Gbadamosi via his authoritative Twitter account.

He quoted Babatunde Gbadamosi’s initial tweet, which read: “If justice is not done, it has not been seen.”. The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal proceedings are attracting more attention from Nigerians than any other event in the history of the country. Why would they claim that they are concealing the procedures in the event that they are not looking for trouble? The decision to outlaw live streaming is not in the best interests of the country or the general public. “Justice done is justice not seen” in this specific case. “.

Check out the screen capture of the first claim made by Babatunde Gbadamosi through his Twitter account below.

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