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Envoy Tasks Media To Intensify Advocacy For Better Nigeria

The Executive Secretary of the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP) Africa, Ambassador Simeon Uwa, has charged media practitioners in Nigeria to engage in regular and aggressive advocacy to enthrone good leaders for a better Nigeria, ahead of 2023 general

International Summit Council for Peace-Africa, is an association of both past and present Heads of state and government with their Deputies formed to promote peace, development, and good governance across respective regions in the world.

The organisation is headed by former president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Speaking with Correspondents of National media covering Akwa Ibom during the Correspondents’ Chapel Gala Night in Abuja, as part of activities to round off the 2023 Correspondents’ Chapel week, with the theme, “In search of A Better Nigeria Through Responsible Journalism”, Ambassador Uwa said journalists must remain at the forefront of the struggle for a better Nigeria.

Uwa explained the role of media for a better Nigeria to include moulding opinions, shaping perception of Nigerians, public enlightenment and constructive criticism of present leaders.

He said the media can set an agenda for a new Nigeria, but warned against inflammatory and inciting reports, capable of causing divisions and war instead of promoting struggle for a better nation.

Uwa, who is working closely with former president, Goodluck Jonathan, at various peace missions in Africa and other continents through ISCP; a subsidiay of United Nations, disclosed that peace is necessary to ensure a better Nigeria in all sectors of the economy.

He observed that the Retreat by Akwa Ibom Correspondents in Abuja will help to fine-tune the search for a better Nigeria.

“Every society deserves the leaders that they have, but this Retreat that you came all the way from Akwa Ibom to the Nation’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT), will help in the search of a better Nigeria.

“The time has come for all of us to put away selfish interest and sentiments, sit down to begin to bargain for future of that society where we would live happily and also bequeath for the future generations. It doesn’t matter who is involved, it does not matter whose ox is gored.

“Before anybody will exit slavery, we must adopt the biblical Daniel principles, which involved determination to reject the king’s food.

“Once this is activated, those who are laying claims to leadership today will realise that they have no business on the seat that leaders are contained.

Uwa disclosed that as Ambassadors of Nigeria, they would continue to project the interest of their environment and nation in foreign land.

“Our nation is not sick, but it can be better. Nigeria can be better and it is you and I that will ensure that we have a better society.”

He charged journalists to return to Akwa Ibom with a thought that they have a duty of information gathering as a tool to reshape the society.

“You are the ones that form people’s mind. No one will have a mindset of his own, except the one sharpened by media content. The responsibility for us to have a better society is yours.

“Leadership always fail in our society all the time, but we always cover it to avoid being exposed. we should shift a little away from covering bad leadership and confront issues that stare us. This is the only way we can have a better Nigeria”, he concluded.

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