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Evangelist confronted by sex worker for preaching at their place of work (Video)

A sex worker has taken to social media to narrate her experience with a certain evangelist who insisted on preaching to her.

In the video, the woman who tagged herself a ‘prostitute’ held a phone and filmed the evangelist in action.

She confronted the evangelist and asked why she won’t leave her place of work. The evangelist responded and told her God sent her and she would just use one minute of her time.

She told the evangelist to carry on so she can face her business. The Evangelist preached to her and told her to repent from her sin.

Sadly, she shunned her and told her to go straight to the point as she had other things to do than listening to the Evangelist.

Reacting to the video, steph_annie_ashh wrote: “You can actually hear the pain in her voice, calling her to repentance. If a message comes like this, God really does not want you to be condemned. I hope after the cruise online she actually thinks about it.”

fashion_magicblog added : “If not because this generation is somehow what would have given Ashewo the mind to post this trying to shame a preacher ,it’s even the preacher that is looking shy…if you are into such job my advice is try something else and allow God use you.”