Even If There Is A Rerun 10 Times, I Can Assure You, Atiku Will Never Beat Bola Tinubu” -Modibo


During an interview with Arise News, Ibrahim Modibo, a member of the APC, expressed his confidence in Bola Tinubu’s policies and leadership. He stated that even if there were reruns of the election ten times, Atiku Abubakar would never beat Tinubu. According to Modibo, Tinubu’s policies have been in the right direction, and the issue of subsidy removal, which has caused hardship to the poor, was promised by all the major candidates in the election.

Modibo acknowledged that some people may see Tinubu’s policies as punishment, but he believes that in the end, people will have reasons to smile. He urged the public to be patient with Tinubu as he continues to address the various issues in the country.

According to him, “We’ve seen what people have been able to do before. They’ve been tested, but they were not trusted, and that was why they lost the elections, and for them now, they reclaim this mandate, and I can hear my brother Daniel Bwala talking about the fact that, I think it’s a tall dream, it’s a daydream that there should be a rerun for Atiku to win. Even if there are reruns ten times, I can assure you, Atiku will never beat Bola Tinubu. As it is today, Bola Tinubu has been able to leave a mark on the sands of time. His policies have been great, although some people may view them as punishment. However, in the end, we’ll have every reason to smile because the issue of subsidy, which is very fundamental, was agreed upon by all the political parties to be addressed.”