Excercises that are good for people with hypertension

In Nigeria, hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects a large number of people. If left untreated, it can have severe negative effects on a person’s health. It occurs when the blood’s continual pressure against the artery walls is too high. However, there are strategies to control high blood pressure, and regular exercise is an efficient one.

People with high blood pressure can engage in a variety of physical activities on a daily basis to help lower their blood pressure and enhance their general health, according to WebMD. These actions consist of:

Aerobic exercise: Any exercise that speeds up your breathing and heart rate is considered aerobic exercise, sometimes referred to as cardio. This group includes activities including jogging, cycling, swimming, and fast walking. Aerobic exercise really strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure by improving blood flow and reducing stress on the heart.

Resistance training: To build and tone the muscles, resistance training, sometimes referred to as strength training or weightlifting, uses weights or resistance bands. By increasing blood flow and reducing artery stiffness, this kind of exercise can also aid in lowering blood pressure.

Stretching; It can improve circulation, promote flexibility, and decrease muscular stiffness. Stretching also aids in stress reduction and relaxation, which is advantageous for controlling high blood pressure.

To avoid injury, stretching must be done properly. Each stretch should be started slowly, and it should be held for 15–30 seconds. You shouldn’t push yourself during stretching and you shouldn’t bounce or force yourself. After a warm-up or activity, while muscles are warm and more malleable, stretching should be done.

Along with regular exercise and stretching, it’s critical to monitor blood pressure frequently and adhere to any treatment recommendations made by your doctor. This can entail taking medication, altering one’s diet, or keeping an eye on lifestyle choices like stress levels and alcohol intake.