Exclusive For Ladies: 4 foods to eat for bigger breasts and bum

Foods to eat for bigger breasts and bum you may have tried exercising, done squats and cardio, and all that there is to do but the progress is slow and it’s taking time to achieve your desired results.

Surgery is not in the books for you because you find them expensive or risky, worry no more these foods have been compiled to aid you on your journey to acquiring a desirable figure in a more healthy and safe way.


be it soy milk or adding soybean powder to your cereals whichever way you want to consume it. Soy has tremendous health benefits plus due to its richness in estrogen levels, it has the ability to help you gain weight in your bust, hips, and bum for a much more feminine shape.


or maize whatever name you want to call it, corn is part of the foods that aid in bodybuilding and can help you gain the desired body you’re looking for. So yes feel free to add Kenkey to your diet plan, and blend that ‘mashke’ if you’re planning on gaining some weight in these areas.


some call it peanuts. Do you know that they are rich in fats and oils that are good for the body and aside from the fact that they taste so good they help you gain healthy weight in your bust in bum just the way you like it


fruits like bananas, pineapples, mangoes, etc, can support your quest to weight gain in a much healthy way. So go ahead and make some smoothies and enjoy them, they’re good for you and will help you gain some healthy weight.

It is important to know that these foods won’t make you drastically busty or increase your backside tremendously in a matter of days, it takes consistency, dedication, and the right workout routine to achieve your desired results.