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EXCLUSIVE: “Insufficient Funds”: Ladies Play Special Game After Eating in Restaurant, Wait for Who to Pay Their Bills

A group of beautiful ladies played a game in a restaurant to determine who would pay their food bill
The ladies arranged their phones on a tray and asked a waitress to pick one, and the owner would be responsible for the bill
Many TikTokers who reacted to the video said if anybody included them in such a game, it would fail

A video of a group of young ladies who were out to treat themselves nicely at a restaurant has got many people laughing.

While in the restaurant, the friends played a game by putting their phones in a tray. In a clip shared by @1bigfeli7, they asked the waitress to choose one, and whoever owned the device picked by the waitress would pay their bill.
Ladies in restaurant/waitress picked a phone.
The lady whose phone was picked up screamed in a video.

Waitress determines who would pay the bill

Tensed about what her choice could do, the waitress took her time to select well. While the waitress was at it, a lady at the edge of a table prayed it wouldn’t be hers.

The lady placed both hands on her head and shouted when her phone was picked up.

Watch the video below:


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some of the reactions below:

@Globaby said:

“I no fit play this game if not all of us go wash plates together.”

@Berrybaby said:

“Rule number one: have rich friends.”

@y’all meet Toria:

“Somebody repeat after me..I will never be broke in my life.”

@Aderonke Salau said:

“I saw her praying before d waitress picked her phone.”

@Annabel_18 said:

“Na my own we go use do video.”

@Kekeli said:

“Na so God go pick you and bless you among many.”

@Onyebuchii said:

“Me wey no get shishi for account dem con pick me wahala go dey we go wash plate.”

@Fati_oiza said:

“If they pick my phone, na insufficient funds go save me.”

@:crown:Sefakor said”

“If there’s an android please pick it oo na them be the cashier.”

@princessfeargod1 said:

“If I do this challenge and the waitress choose my phone we go end up washing plates that place o.”

@Rare_Temmah said:

“This game dey sweet until she pick your phone.”

Man pranks girl in a restaurant

a Nigerian man, @dark_currant, got many people laughing with the prank he played as he decided to disrupt a lady’s meal in a restaurant.

After getting into an eatery, he went straight to a lady enjoying her plate of rice. Picking a seat close to her, he dipped his spoon into her meal without hesitation.

The lady was initially too surprised to talk in the clip. When the man took another spoon of rice with much confidence, she put up a fight, hitting his chest.