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EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Tik Tok dancer Odogwu Mara dies after consuming poisoned Indian hemp

The demise of Nigerian talented Tik Tok dancer Obi Madubogwu who is popularly known as Odogwu Mara has left his family in a state of trauma and difficult moment.

According to Newshour, the young man who was well-known for his exuberant dance performances on TikTok passed away after consuming potentially poisonous Indian hemp

Since then, the young man’s fans and followers have flooded his social media page with condolence messages, while some have just expressed astonishment at his untimely passing.

Newshour also claimed that Mara’s TikTok page saw a large increase in followers when the news of his passing spread.

Read some condolence messages sent to him:

ask4_vanessa: “Such a happy child Lord the heaven is full of young souls .”

peterbelieve_fob123: “Rest on bro someone special I can’t forget Mara daddy.”

rona.xx__: “It’s possible it wasn’t poison. Colorado can actually stop the flow of blood to the heart.”

v0ltage01: “Was his smoke truly laced or was the smoke that killed him.”

sammy_richie677: “Why so soon brr.”

triqa_blu: “Never trust anyone with your highness & always keep it away from public eyes.”

Watch some of his dance videos below: