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EXCLUSIVE “Please Have Pity on Me, Help Me and My Son”: Segun Wire’s Mum Tenders Public Apology to Zlatan, Video Trends

The video of an older woman identified as Segun Wire’s mum begging Nigerian singer Zlatan Ibile to forgive her has gone viral

In the video, the woman was seen living in an untidy environment

Segun Wire is a little boy who became an internet sensation some years ago; he was famous for his “Mo fe ma chache” slang

A video clip of an elderly woman tendering a public apology to Nigerian singer Zlatan Ibile has gone viral online and has sparked reactions.

The woman in the video has been identified as the mother of Segun Wire, a little boy who became an internet sensation some years back.
Photos of Segun Wire’s mum and Zlatan Ibile
Mother of former internet sensation Segun Wire takes to social media to beg Zlatan Ibile to forgive her and come to her aid.

Segun’s short-lived internet fame used to be managed by Zlatan.

However, there was a fallout between Zlatan and the boy’s parents, who accused the Zanku crooner of theft and exploiting their son.

The viral clip by Segun’s mum has gathered a lot of empathy and criticism from netizens.

Zlatan was yet to respond to Segun’s mother at the time of publishing this post.

Watch the video of Segun Wire’s mum begging Zlatan to pity and help her:

Netizens react to the viral video of Segun Wire’s mum publicly begging Zlatan Ibile


“I know say a day like dis go surely come. I remember that video, dem even beat Zlatan join sef. Dem accuse am sah he Dey use Segun Wire make money.”


“No cap Z, it’s gone my bro.. do normal for them if you wish to if not, face front , but no loose guard ,just maintain the distance make them no come wine.”


“This life no matter what you doing just be good , I vividly remember that year olamide used the boy voice , Segun Wire self don blow pass Zlatan that year…”


“I’m sorry to hear that. Make them buy Segun phone make he start dey browse too.”


“By now, e sure me say the guy go don deh get Millions for him account cus back then self, him get fame more than Jamopyper…. Sorry to say MUM C, back then you deh act like SODIKI……”


“Dem even slap zlatan upon sey e dey help their pikin blow.”


“Segun self low key no go like Weitn hin mama do that time , boy wey for don over fresh by now.”


“If you see the way those area boys dey give Zlatan hot slap on that day ehn…them dey push him dey go for street like say e thief with lot of crowd at the back Bcs the woman dey shout on him like say he kidnapped there piking… I’m very sure Zlatan can never forget that day in his life.”