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Farotimi Alleges That A CoR Was Written In The Midnight By Prof. Yakubu, Defying The Constitution.

The controversy surrounding the requirement of winning the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to become the President-elect has been a point of contention for many political leaders. Bola Tinubu, the current President-elect, has been criticized for failing to meet the 25% vote threshold in the FCT during the 2023 election.

Despite arguments that this requirement is insignificant if the candidate receives 25% in at least 24 states, a member of the Obidatti campaign council, Dele Farotimi, has accused the INEC chairman of defying the law.

According to the interview on Sahara Tv, Farotimi has emphasized that the Constitution clearly states that the candidate must attain 25% in the FCT, as well as 24 states.

He has suggested that the way in which the courts handle this issue will determine the importance of the FCT in future elections. Farotimi has stated that the campaign council’s stance has always been to respect the law and allow the legal system to prove itself as either a supporter of Nigeria’s corrupt runners or the last hope of the common man.

In his own words, “The constitution outlines a process for selecting the President, which involves obtaining 25% of the votes in states and the Federal Capital Territory. This information is evident to all. However, it appears that Prof. Mahmood Yakubu disregarded the constitution by issuing a certificate of return during the late hours of the night.”