Father Kills Daughter For Marrying Man Of Her Choice, Dancing In A Video


In what will come across as a really shocking development, an 18-year-old girl has been killed by her father in Pakistan.

He was shot dead by her biological father in Pakistan after people taunted him about seeing her dancing in a viral video.

According to a report by Firstpost, the incident occurred in the Vano Ghari village in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region after people taunted the father of the deceased about a dancing video of her daughter going viral on social media.

The deceased’s mother said the girl was working as a domestic help at the residence of a family in Islamabad. Besides her, a boy also worked at the same place and sometime later, the boy made a marriage offer to the victim, however, she refused because she was already engaged.

It was reported that soon after, the boy started blackmailing the girl, and after failing in his efforts multiple times, he uploaded a dancing video of the girl on social media using a fake ID in revenge as per the complaint.

The deceased’s mother further explained that on the day of the incident, the family had decided to lodge an FIR against the boy in Islamabad as the video which the boy uploaded on social media soon went viral.

As per the complaint, the girl’s mother along with her daughter and a son-in-law was present when her husband took a pistol and shot the daughter to death.

The grieving mother of the girl said that her husband committed the monstrous act after someone taunted him about the social media video.

In a similar development, Madhyamam reports that a newly married woman was shot dead by her father in a Karachi court on Monday in a suspected case of honour killing.

According to the report, the police said that the woman, who was a resident of Pirabad in Karachi, came to the Karachi City Court in Pakistan to record her statement to confirm she had entered into a free-will marriage.

Madhyamam quoted a Senior Superintendent of Police, Shabbir Sethar, as saying that the woman belonged to Waziristan in the tribal area and had recently married a doctor in her neighbourhood.

“When she came to the city court this morning to record her statement, her father opened fire on her, killing her on the spot and injuring a policeman who is out of danger now,” the police officer said.

The police said the accused has been arrested and the weapon used in committing the crime seized from him.

“In nearly every case, the father, husband, brother, or any other male relative is behind the honour killing,” Sethar said.

Sethar said that the woman had left her home after marriage which enraged her father.

It was noted that hundreds of women are killed every year in different parts of Pakistan in the name of honour.

According to Madhyamam reports, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has reported an average of 650 honour killings annually over the past decade. But the original number of cases could be more numerous since most incidents go unreported.

Also tragically, in 2022, a man killed his four-year-old daughter in Pakistan’s Charsadda district because he suspected that she was born out of wedlock.