Father Oluoma Reveals Why Catholics Pray Through Mary The Mother Of Jesus Christ

Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John, a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria, shares insights into the significance of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the Catholic faith. He stated Mary’s role as the Queen by Jesus’s side, drawing from biblical references.

According to Fr. Oluoma, in Revelation chapter 12, there is a depiction of a woman with a crown of twelve stars, symbolizing the twelve apostles, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the Queen of patriarchs. This imagery reinforces Mary’s exalted position in the Catholic tradition.

In his own words, “If Jesus Christ is the King of kings, who then is the Queen by his side? It is Mary his mother. If you read Revelation chapter 12, you will discover a woman with a crown of twelve stars which is signifying the twelve apostles, the twelve tribes of Israel and the Queen of patriarchs.

He also stressed the need for Mary’s intercession, citing the miracle at the wedding of Cana as an example. When the wine ran out, Mary interceded on behalf of the people, leading to the miraculous provision of wine by Jesus. Fr. Oluoma suggests that this act demonstrates Jesus’s responsiveness to Mary’s intercession.

For Catholics, Mary holds a special place in their faith, and they often pray through her name, believing that she continues to intercede for them. This devotion to Mary is a significant aspect of Catholic spirituality and theology.

He finally said: “When the wine got finished at the wedding of Cana, it was when Mary(The mother of Jesus) interceded on behalf of the people that the wine was provided miraculously. On this note, if Jesus could listen to Mary to change water to wine, This why we the Catholics always pray through the Name of Mary. Because she is making intercession for us”.