FCT Fire Service bans traders from sleeping in markets to curb fire outbreaks

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The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Fire Service Department has announced a ban on traders sleeping in markets across the FCT, as part of measures to reduce fire incidents.

The acting director of the department, Adebayo Amiola, made this announcement at a press conference in Abuja.

Amiola expressed concern over the 226 fire incidents recorded in the FCT from January to June, attributing a significant number of these to careless human practices, including traders sleeping in markets.

He stated that the department will enforce a strict no-sleeping regulation within markets and will advocate for alternative accommodations for traders where necessary.

The acting director highlighted that the construction of shanties within markets has become rampant, increasing the risk of uncontrollable blazes.

To address this, the department plans to demolish illegal shanties and conduct regular inspections to prevent their re-establishment.

Furthermore, Mr. Amiola noted that the haphazard arrangement of makeshift shops impedes movement and accessibility, complicating the navigation of emergency vehicles during crises.

He stressed that these safety issues extend beyond markets to motor parks, which face similar organizational challenges.

Another critical issue identified by the acting director is the inadequate number of fire hydrants in markets, which falls far below the requirement for effective emergency response.

Additionally, Mr. Amiola pointed out that many market fires are caused by improper electrical connections that do not comply with safety standards, creating hazardous environments prone to electrical faults and sparks.

Addressing building collapses and other emergencies, Mr. Amiola emphasized the need for stringent building regulations and regular safety inspections to ensure structures can withstand environmental stresses and comply with safety standards.

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