Five Things Women Hate From Their Husband’s. Number 5 Is Very Common

Women frequently lament their unhappy marriages. One thing I notice is that people tend to blame other people rather than themselves for their marital issues. Do you genuinely think that you are not to blame for the problems in your marriage?

1. Using sexuality as a negotiating clout.

So many women using sex as a negotiating tool in their relationships is totally inappropriate. It’s bad to refuse your husband sex in order to obtain cash for wardrobe upgrades or even to purchase a new car. In a marriage, sex should never be used as a weapon of negotiation.

2. Not taking good care of yourself.

This is a marriage mistake I frequently witness women making. Before you married him, you gave a lot of importance to your beauty, but as soon as you get married, you stop taking care of yourself. Because you are now married, nobody has the right to tell you to stop being attractive. You must always present yourself in the best possible light because your husband constantly expects to see the stunning woman he married. He should keep the body he fell in love with.


No man likes a whiny woman. Give up trying to justify your whining; it’s wrong. While criticising your husband for everything he does, you cannot demand tranquilly. There are better ways to handle issues in your marriage than nagging; try one of them instead. Stop criticising him and shouting at him; he is not your son.


Acting insecurely in a marriage is another mistake women make. I understand your desire to keep your husband a secret, but if you don’t really trust him, why did you choose to wed him? I observe women competing with one another for a man, and I think that is bullsh*t. Your husband is the problem, not the other woman. Instead of fighting the other woman, find out why your husband still likes and is with you. Never compromise to the point of arguing with another woman in front of men.


You don’t anticipate your husband to completely sever all ties with his family just because he married you. I firmly believe that if you truly loved a man, you would also adore his family, so this statement is untrue. Stop treating his family like rags and get to know them. Sometimes mothers-in-law can be a pain because they feel like you are taking their place in their son’s life, but behaving badly towards her won’t make the problem go away.


There will inevitably be times in your marriage when you and your husband disagree on particular issues, but tearing down the walls or airing your grievances in front of the world only makes things worse. Learn how to explain your point to your husband in a polite and civil manner. For a marriage to work, both partners must respect one another.


This is yet another mistake women make when getting married. Patience is essential if you want your marriage to succeed. You need to practise patience with your friend. If you can’t be patient with your partner, I don’t think you’re ready for marriage. Marriage calls for endurance.

Deny his stomach.

I understand that you lead a busy life and that balancing a home and a career is not easy, but I still think that using wisdom in this circumstance is essential. Because of your busy schedule, I realise you need a cook at home, but I still believe that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make sure your man is well-fed and don’t just leave everything up to the kitchen. Make your man’s meals when you have the chance.


This is yet another serious mistake that most women commit. I believe you should choose your friends wisely because not all of them will have your best interests in mind. Don’t just share everything with everyone you meet. It’s extremely bad to discuss your husband’s flaws with friends. Although there may be times when you just need to talk to someone, you should be cautious about who you choose to talk to and how much information you share.


The quickest way to destroy trust is to hide information from your husband, which is a grave error. Because you and your husband are supposed to work together as a team, keeping secrets will reduce your effectiveness as a team.