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“For inside church?”- Mummy GO blasts overzealous lady for shaking backside

“For inside church?” Mummy GO blasts overzealous lady for shaking backside

An embarrassing video of a Nigerian lady who was allegedly smacked on the butt by the Mummy GO of her church has gone viral.

The young lady was dancing alongside other church members in front of the church at a wedding.

In the video, the church members were seen celebrating the newly wedded couples as they danced with them.

However, at one point, the lady bent down and started dancing with her backside in the presence of everyone.

It seemed casual but Mummy GO was not having it.

Dressed in a black suit and skirt with a matching hat, she raced up to the dancing lady and spanked her on her backside.

This brought the young woman to a startling halt immediately, as she stared at the woman in shock.

See the post below:

Social media reactions:

@bless_beauty_collection said: “I have watched this video over and over again, she has done nothing wrong.”

@sky_twoinone wrote: “She was supposed to be by the bride’s side as the best lady, l guess that’s her mom.”

@xty_esther commented: “The bride was trying to reach her chief bridesmaid so the woman only helped her out.”

@creamy.dency commented: “Not at my daughter’s wedding.”

@n_square_catering_events wrote: “Pls where is the yansh she was shaking, Biko no pastor wife will help me try that rubbish. Imagine doing that to a whole grown up woman inside church, what happen to talking to her gently if she was actually shaking it.”

@chioma4eva wrote: “No ooo… Aunty sorry she doesnt deserve to be soanked on her back, her dancing was modest and beside she is an adult. Unfortunately its only in Africa setting such an assault happen..she could have tapped her gently and Whisper into her ear any reservation she has. Mothers can be strict out of the line sometimes and ironically get away with it. Mothers are special.”

@avediamond commented: “You want the groom to change his mind, thank you mama for the quick correction.” wrote: “The dance wasn’t bad na, mummy GO was only protecting daddy GO jor.”

@kinz_jaycobs wrote: “Na only her mama fit get mind do her this thing else that young lady go walk out of the wedding.”

@liz_nenye commented: “Even as the nyash small like that..what if na big nyansh.”

@joshua_paid90 exclaimed: “Mummy church!!

@didobrendy wrote: “Nyash Mapami Na

@ben10zamani wrote: “But I don’t see her shaking yansh ooo.”

@chris_esomchi wrote: “All these Mummy GOS sef their own too much, and na them do pass during their own time oh. That girl didn’t even do anything wrong except that she was dancing excitedly unless it’s wrong to do that in her Church. Maybe she’d had been moody somehow.”

@davidikhazu wrote: “Aswear this kind people their children