For Real! “He looks like Sam Larry”- Kemi Olunloyo clamors for a DNA test for Mohbad’s son, Liam Light

As the controversies surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death continue to mount, self-proclaimed investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has come out with a stunning opinion.

In a live video, she claimed that a DNA test for Mohbad is required. The explanation she gave had to do with Mohbad’s son “looking like” Sam Larry.

Recall that Sam Larry is one of the main suspects in Mohabd’s death. Sam Larry was seen brutally attacking Mohbad on the shoot of a video in a video that has now gone viral and was released shortly after his death. Fortunately, Artist Zlatan stepped in.

Also, GISTLOVER reported just yesterday that Kemi Olunloyo claimed that Mohbad wrote 97% of Marlian music while he was still alive.

She stated that Mohbad had some earnings from the music, but he never received them.

She also said that he intended to take them to court, but his “frienemies” Bella and Zlatan advised him to relax.

Netizens Reactions…

Some internet users are offended by the suggestion that Mohbad’s wife cheated on him. They further say that there isn’t enough evidence to back up such outlandish statements.

One caci mo

“Widows and widowers see a lot of crap (ad God please stand by and with anvone in this category and don’t make us one”

One myextraordinarykind_affeqtion

“The child needs a DNA test and I don’t know the reason why the mother is scared”

One luvluv_me

“You’re not in the right position to demand that madam kemi”

One _kingbecky

“una don dey use this Mohbad case they Flunt stupid verbals”

One vaniaidahosa

“Na death cause plenty trashy talks.