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For the second time, Antony ‘ignored Erik ten Hag’s instruction.

For the second time, Antony ‘ignored Erik ten Hag’s instruction.

Since Sunday night’s 7-0 thrashing at the hands of Liverpool, the Manchester United winger Antony has come under fire and has been accused of disobeying his manager’s orders.

During Manchester United’s 7-0 loss to Liverpool, Antony has been accused of disobeying Erik ten Hag’s instructions; this is the second time this season that he has been called out for it.

The Brazilian was one of many United players who performed far below expectations at Anfield last weekend, but given Antony’s astronomical £85 million price tag, the pressure is on him to perform well. He hasn’t yet been able to live up to the enormous price tag United paid for him, and the crushing loss to Liverpool was one of his worst moments while wearing a Red Devils jersey.

Ten Hag was blunt in his evaluation of his players, calling them “unprofessional” and questioning their work ethic. The Dutchman allegedly made the team watch the Liverpool players celebrate in the locker room and apologize to the Red Devils’ supporter base.

Glen Hoddle, a former manager of England, cited Antony as one of United’s worst players on the day and questioned his tactical judgment.

Hoddle advised Premier League productions, “You’ve got to stay at least with the ball when you’re on the other side, particularly against these two full-backs. “His response should be to get level with the ball and goal-side of Robertson.

“If the manager has instructed him to sit out, it is not cheating, is it? If the manager has instructed him to sit out, well, then it hasn’t worked for them.

“However, if the manager is telling him, “No, you’ve got to track back,” as he does in his post-match interview, when he claims that they didn’t work hard enough, then perhaps he was asked to track back. The entire day, he was out of place. “.

The news that Antony has previously been charged with disobeying his manager’s orders is concerning from Ten Hag’s point of view.

Five months ago, Antony was questioned despite scoring a lovely goal that was merely a consolation following the 6-3 thrashing at the hands of neighborhood rivals Manchester City at the Etihad.