Former Big Brother Housemate Reveals She’s Suffering From This ‘Disturbing’ Medical Condition


Former BBNaija housemate, Uriel Oputa has opened up about a personal medical condition.


She revealed that she’s dyslexic.


Dyslexia is a disorder that affects reading abilities, characterized by difficulty in connecting speech sounds to letters and words.


The reality TV star turned chef and nutritionist shared this via her Instagram stories after one of her fans complained that she sometimes find it difficult to make sense of the celebrity chef’s writing.


She said: “Someone sent me a message, Uriel, you are really nice,  you are amazing. I love what you do, i just find it hard sometimes when i read what you write, only sometimes, you miss your comma, your full stop bla bla bla… I’m dyslexic. I am very dyslexic.

“Sometimes, i might get it right, and i might be Albert Einstein, Somedays, E no gree! comma, full stop., even alignment no dey gree. So leave me be, i’m dyslexic.”


Uriel stated that some days, she gets it right with her spellings, punctuations and others, but on other days, it all doesn’t make sense, no matter how hard she tries.


”Sometimes i miss words, even if i’ve checked 100 times. I am extremely smart, but dyslexic is part of me.”