Former President Buhari Talks About How the Aso Rock Cabal Is Running His Government

Former President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the long-standing claims of a “Aso Rock Cabal” having undue influence over his administration in his first interview with the media since he left office in May 2023.

Speaking on Sunday, Buhari acknowledged the presence of a close-knit group of advisors who were crucial to his decision-making process in an interview with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).

However, the former president vehemently denied that this group acted as an independent power center dictating the course of his presidency.

Recall that Buhari had stated that he did not miss the presidency.

When asked about what he misses from his time in office, he responded, “Miss? Oh dear me, I don’t think I miss much.”

Speaking on his diplomatic relationships when in power, he said, “I am so preoccupied with the local problems that I hardly think about the external problems.”

In his take on the claims that cabals hijacked his government or it was the imaginations of Nigerians, the former president replied, “It must have been (imagination).”