Free Agents: Valuable Players That Are Still Without Clubs

Former Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea, once hailed as one of the Premier League’s greatest, finds himself in a surprising predicament – without a club. His departure from the Red Devils left fans astonished, and despite his market value of €13 million, he remains unattached, making him the most valuable free agent in the football world.

De Gea’s career at Manchester United was illustrious, marked by numerous titles. However, the club decided to part ways, signing Onana from Inter Milan as his successor. Now, the question looms over where the Spanish international will find his next home.Jesse Lingard, the former Nottingham Forest player, is in a similar state of uncertainty. With a market value of €8 million, his future in football remains unclear.

On another note, Eden Hazard, once a star at Chelsea and Lille, has a market value of €5 million but is currently clubless after an underwhelming stint with Real Madrid. His transfer to Madrid proved to be a costly disappointment for the club.Additionally, football fans may be surprised to hear that Xeka, Idrissi, El Ghazi, Gbamin, and Cannon are all without clubs, underscoring the transient nature of the sport’s careers.