Fubara Consolidates Control Of State Structures As Uche Secondus Knocks FCT Emperor, Wike

Fubara, Wike, Secondus. Former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, has taken a swipe at the former Governor of Rivers State, now FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, and other members of the G-5 governors for their role in the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking in Port-Harcourt on Thursday, Secondus declared that Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State is the leader of the party in the state and should control its structure 100 percent.

Secondus stated this while addressing party members in his remarks after a meeting of the former members of the Rivers State PDP Presidential Campaign Council in the state capital.

“Governor Fubara has 100 percent of the party structure in Rivers State. One thing I know is that the governor is the leader of the party, and the governor is in control 100 percent,” Secondus said. “When I was the national chairman, I gave all my governors 100 percent control of their party structure in their states.

It cannot be otherwise. Governor Fubara will have 100 percent control of the party structure.” Continuing, Secondus said, “Yes, the party in the state, because of the last election, some believe in the loyalty of the party to remain. But some others left the party to do anti-party. And we are aware of those who are involved.

“I want to assure you that in the interest of our state that everybody, the governor has said so several times for the interest of the state, we must forgive our brothers at the unit level, at the Ward level, and also at the local government level and bring everybody together.” He stressed that Fubara has said that everyone must come together without discrimination, saying, “What is important is the interest of the state.

“So we want to plead with you, you are leaders, some of you are former local government chairmen, former party chairmen, you are leaders in your own right in your various local governments. Please work with others. “No bitterness, nothing should stop you from working with everyone in your locality.

I believe that there will also be a process. A message not too long will come to you about how the meetings and other things will follow. “I also believe that there is a time when the governor will see everybody. Even if there are people who left APC, we should open our hands wide to receive them because the more we are, the merrier and the unity of Rivers State is very important. Against those who are in Abuja, I can see a scenario playing out here.

In 1983, there were some powerful people in Lagos, and they wanted to hijack the state. “That scenario is likely to replay, as we can see. But because the grassroots leaders like you were solid behind Chief Melford Okilo and made it so difficult for the people from Lagos to come and hijack. It is going to happen the same way if they don’t repent.

”Secondus said the only person who can give orders and they would take them is the governor. “It may be a temporal setback at the center, but today, as you can see, even the ruling party, APC at the center, they are in one problem or the other,” he continued.

“We believe that if we come together and I’m quite sure all the other people in other political parties will join us, we will return our governor in 2027 which is the aim of those who are in what I will call IDP. They are now in IDP in Abuja.

We are back home. We are solid on the ground. “Our supporters are ready, and we are waiting for them. They cannot take over this state (Rivers). This state is too strong. Those who tried it before in 1983 they could not.”.