Fuel Subsidy: I’d Rather Go With The Approach Of A Dentist Than Having A Forceful Tooth Removal -Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has taken to Twitter to explain how he used a tooth pain analogy to describe the issues surrounding the fuel subsidy removal while addressing the press on Tuesday. Peter Obi who reinstated on his stand and consistency against fuel subsidy stated that there are process one is expected to follow when removing fuel subsidy.

He described a scenario of when one is having a tooth ache and the person goes to a dentist to get the painful tooth removed. He explained that he would prefer the process of a dentist in removing a painful tooth with a process that would reduce the pain in that area than a forceful process that would cause him more pain while removing the tooth.

He wrote; “If you approach a dentist to remove a painful tooth, he will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth so you do not feel pain. It’s not the same thing as pulling the tooth forcefully, the pain you feel will be different. For me, I will go with the approach of the dentist, while supporting the removal of the tooth because I wouldn’t want to go through the pain of a forceful removal.”

Obi further stated that his manifesto contains how he planned to tackle the issue of fuel subsidy and how he would use the money saved from it for the benefit of the masses.

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