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Ganduje: Why l Was Responsible For Northern Youths To Withdraw Threat Against Igbos

Former Governor of Kano State and the All Progressives Congress(APC) National Chairman, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje has said his intervention made the Northern Youths withdraw their threats against the Igbo people in the North.

Ganduje said this when some Inter-Community Leaders paid him a courtesy visit to the APC National Secretariat in Abuja.

It would be recalled that some Northern Youths had in the past issued an ultimatum against the Igbo people living in the North. According to the ultimatum, the Igbo people living in the North were asked to leave the North.

But speaking on Thursday, Ganduje said his intervention made the youths soft pedal.

He told his audience he was speaking to on the need to live together, “that is why when the youth leaders from the northern parts of the country issued quick notice to the Igbos in the northern part of this country. As a governor, I quickly summoned the youths to Kano.

“We were in Kano State for two days. The youth leaders dialogue together and at the end of it, issues were resolved. And the notice was withdrawn.”

Addressing them, further on the need to live together, Ganduje said, “You are the pillars of unity in Nigeria. We are in a room now, you see the great pillars that are holding this building, if these pillars are removed, the building will collapse.

“Different leaders and tribal leaders stayed in an environment that is not their own. Finding an Igbo man in a purely Hausa society..And a Yoruba man in a Kanuri community. And a Kanuri man in an Igala community.

“But he is a Nigerian. That is what we call national integration. And when you have national integration you have national unity. And when you have national unity it leads to development, peace and stability. I therefore regard you as non-partisan. You are all leaders of your communities.

“So, I urge you all Nigerians to respect inter-ethnic nationalities all over the country. We are all human beings. We are created by God. If God wants us to be one tribe, all of us will be one tribe. If he wants us to be one religion, all of us will be one religion. Before you blink your eyes, all of us will be speaking in one language.

“Since in his own wisdom, he decided to make us from different colours from different tongues, religion, behaviours, positions and status, riches. What is our problem? To appreciate all this in peace. Because he knows why he did that. So you are symbols of unity for Nigeria.