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GOOD NEWS: Before, After Pictures Of Some Aba Roads Constructed By Gov Alex Otti

Here are before and after pictures of some Aba roads constructed by Governor Alex Otti.

The pictures was shared by NL user, Penguin2, he wrote below:

One of the mistakes Peter Obi made while he was governor of Anambra State was not to blow his trumpet enough while on seat.

That’s why some people can open their mouth and ask what did he achieve in Anambra as governor.

Well, we won’t make such mistake again. Below are some pictures depicting the state of some Aba roads before Alex Otti came to give them a facelift.

A closer look at some of the roads, you would see that some of them looked like they had been abandoned by road users as they were already overgrown by grasses.

Had Alex Otti not won the election and PDP succeeded in retaining the state through their last minute abracadabra, they probably would have continued with the hands that Orji Uzor Kalu, Theodore Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu used in governing the state. Then you would have been hearing people ask funny questions like “what would Otti have done differently?” as they are asking about Peter Obi.

This is Port Harcourt road, Aba.

Just like Otti met Abia in complete disrepair and is taking his time to clean up the state both through policy reforms and by provision of basic infrastructure like inner city connecting roads and other essential roads, so also did Peter Obi meet Anambra in a state of complete disrepair and he took his time to put the state on the path of irreversible growth.

Now, tomorrow, you would go to Abia and ask Abians what did Otti achieve because you are not seeing 15 skyscrapers erected by his administration and you think Ndi Abia will have it funny with you?

That’s why Ndi Anambra’s love for Peter Obi is eternal.

They know what Anambra was before he came. And they know what it became by the time he was leaving.