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GOOD NEWS: Near death woman woke up from 6-week-long coma, ‘claims she received a chilling message from Jesus himself’!

According to her family, after 2 weeks of misery with what she was sure was the flu, the brave woman, Yvone, passed out.

After later describing her intense and painful coughs to a doctor, she learned she had developed pneumonia. Once Yvone had the chance to explain her symptoms to the doctor, they soon realized that she was actually struggling with pneumonia.

However, this was the least of her concerns at this moment. An infection had spread to her blood and she was going through septic shock. They would need to move quickly if they were going to keep her alive.The doctors told her family that they need to medically induce a coma, in order to ensure her continued safety.

But, during this coma, her life would be changed forever. When she woke up, she told an amazing story. The brave woman claims that while was in a coma, she ended up visiting Heaven. In addition to visiting the kingdom of Heaven for herself, she even claims that she received a message from Jesus himself, according to CBN.

Dear readers, we understand that this is the sort of thing that can make some readers skeptical. That’s why we are urging you to watch her special message so that you can see it for yourself.

When you see the conviction behind her words, you are going to have a hard time remaining cynical. Yvone survived the life-threatening experience and shared her story in the video below.