Group E results and final table for the FIFA U17 World Cup after France defeated the USA on day three

The FIFA U17 World Cup in Indonesia’s Group stage concluded with the Group E final games. Burkina Faso, an African side, was sent while the United States fought for the next round.

To improve their chances of getting to play in the next Round, Burkina Faso needed to defeat Korea Republic. Diarra of Burkina Faso gave the African team the lead in the 26th minute, making Koreans nervous. Burkina Faso was on the hot spot as the Koreans replied in the second half, with Kim’s equalizer in the 50th minute making it 1-1. Camara of Burkina Faso gave the Africans the lead once more, making the score 2-1. Burkina Faso scored three points in the opening round, but that wasn’t nearly enough to give a team the assurance they needed to go to the next stage.

Tincres shocked United States of America after providing France with the opener on the stroke of halftime to keep France ahead of United States of America. Tincres’ 83rd minute put France into 2-0 lead after much effort by the Americans. Meupiyou gave France a resounding 3-0 in the 87th minute to put France on the top of the table and to also claim all points for French Team.

France finished Group E with 9 points while USA finished 2nd with 6 points. Burkina Faso are 3rd with 3 points but not enough to get them to next phase. USA and France got the tickets to the Round of 16.