Hon. Obasa Mudashiru Declared, “We Are Not Going To Sacrifice Service To Our People In The Name Of Technocrats.”

The Honourable Obasa Mudashiru Ajayi, Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, has said that the assembly will not forgo serving the needs of the people in order to make room for technocrats. He claimed in a press statement obtained by TVC News that it is his duty as a politician and lawmaker to support the Lagos ruling party. He asserts that the house will not permit anyone to choose how the state is run if they do not comprehend the party’s logos.

He said, ”I am a politician and I am not going to deny that, I have always been and I will continue to be. I was a Zonal Chairman, I was the exco of a ward, and I was campaign Chairman. And I remain a politician. But we must understand what political party is all about. It’s about a group of people who aspired to gain power. And we gained power since 1999 and we have to sustain it.

So we will not allow people who do not understand what it is all about, we have to guide them and protect our party. We are not going to sacrifice service to our people in the name of technocrats. If anybody is interested to know why we have taken such a decision, they should approach the house.”