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How A Managing Director Brought His Male Organ Out After Inviting A Sister To His Office -Dr Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members on, “There Is Madness In Their Heart” at their Sunday Worship Service.

According to him, There are many mad people walking about on our streets with clothes on. Serpents in three-piece suits. Crazy and mad people. He then told the story of how a managing director brought his male organ out after inviting a sister to his office.

He said, “A sister rushed here one day when we were doing counselling. She was so upset and was crying. She just got a job, and she was happy. The first day she arrived at the office, they said the managing director would like to see her. And so, happily, she went to see him in his office. She said that when she got there, she found that the man had already removed his trousers with his male organ out.”

“She wanted to run away, but he said “No, do not run back; it is because of you that I took them off”. She said, “At work?” This man has a PhD in Economics, and is a deacon in his church? He must be a mad man. He is just heading a company. Economic brain is different from what we are talking about. You could be economically wise or business wise but you are spiritually insane. So she ran from the office here. The instruction we gave her was “go and resign”. So she went there and threw in her resignation.”

The cleric then said, “Many mad people and crazy individuals are walking on the streets. Many big men are on our streets who cannot do without taking drugs in the morning so they can be normal. There is plenty of environmental insanity. This is where we need Christ, prayer, purging, and deliverance of the mind.

Finally, he said, “One of the hard facts of Christian life is to discover that sooner or later, simply receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord does not lead to the wholeness or complete deliverance of your life. You must now work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”