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How Can A Lady Get Married When She Sleeps From 8 P.m. To 8 A.m.? Johnson Suleman, Apostle

The founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire International Ministries, Apostle Prof. Johnson Suleman, has recently denounced the kinds of actions that can reduce a woman’s likelihood of getting married.

He asks his congregation in a video posted to his Facebook page who would marry a woman who sleeps from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. as though she’s in a sleeping competition. He went on to explain that today’s youth are phone addicts who continuously check them.

He suggested that people start preparing today for their future objectives. That suggests that young people need to start taking their studies and lives seriously now in order to become stable financially and good parents in the future.

He’s already urged his followers to think about whether they’ll be able to keep their existing living arrangements after getting married.