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How Datti Reacted When CNN Presenter Asked If Labour Party’s Evidence Covers The 176,000 Polling Units

The Labor Party Presidential Candidate, Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed,when asked by CNN”s presenter if their evidence covers the 176,000 polling units across Nigeria.

He said of course that the party has evidence of all the polling units and that they are ready to prove that their party actually won the February 25th 2023 Presidential election

Read below:

“When you talk of your evidence, did it cover all the Over 176,000 polling units in Nigeria?”

He said:

“Yes, our evidence covers the length and breadth of 176,608 polling units. Except for those places where there was no voting of course. The results collated by our polling agents show far higher scores than the APC. The figures that were collated showed great variance Between figures that were collated upon which the APC candidate was pronounced the winner. If the actual result with us was uploaded immediately after the election as provided by the law, we would have won the election “