How I Cooked Beans Within 32 Minutes

Country hard and food is expensive and as of now, I personally think beans is one food item that I get to eat which fills me up for long and at the same time, not to expensive. I normally cook 1 and a half cup & it’s more than enough to fill me the whole day. For this reason, I’ve been eating beans frequently. It’s about #1400 to #1500 per Congo here in Ibadan for Oloyin beans. Some other varieties are sold as low as 1k per Congo. This method would save your gas or kerosene & it’s not for people in a hurry. I tried it after reading about it online. I think it’s called “Dry Cooking Method.

So this morning, I decided to cook beans. I cooked Oloyin beans in particular and I cooked it in just about 32 minutes without using Potash (Kaun) or whatever it is most of you use. I know the next question on your minds is the “How?”. LFG!

1. The steps matter.
2. I used a thick pot to retain heat (there’s a reason for this).
3. I cooked at high flame levels.
4. The cover of the pot has to fit the pot so well, so tightly that the heat won’t escape.
5. This will only work when cooking small quantity of beans. Mine is 2 cups. It will take longer when cooking in large quantity. This method is for students & single people who cook for just themselves. Family people, sorry you hear? So I’ll head to the steps now.

Whether you’re using gas or stove, all the time the beans is on fire, the flame level should be high.

I first made sure the beans boiled. Took about 10 minutes at high flame level, then I switched off the gas & allowed the beans soak in hot water for about 1 hour still inside that same pot. I used a thick pot as it retains heat more than light pots so this kept the water hot within the 1 hour period & it was covered throughout so the heat won’t escape.

After 1 hour, the beans had gotten a bit soft. I switched on the gas & turned on the flame to be high. Within 15 minutes, it was already soft after which I added the remaining ingredients apart from onions. I added onions immediately after the 1 hour break.

The remaining 7 minutes was to let the ingredients seep in. Took me exactly 32 minutes with high flames.

There you go fam! Na hard economy make me discover this even though I’m sure some of you here know a faster way even without using extra resources or pressure cooker. If you do it please share, I’m still trying to discover how to cook beans within 5 minutes ???? Oga Tinubu, you do this one. Na you motivate me. Thank you sir!.