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How Nigerians will later come and apologize to Naira and Sam Larry – Naira Marley Associate asserts

See reactions below;

hesterniyi: Just tell him to come home, we miss him., And pls you can come with him,we miss y’all.

zubbydon6: Ur brother really caused alot to Moh, when Moh was alive he came on a live video and said if he Die we should hold ur brother (Naira marley) responsible, so what ur seeing today is what he told us when he was alive.

yettyberry7:  Even if truth come out we won’t still apologize cos must he did to Mohbad was dev@ilsh , threat@ening and beating him cos of non@sense record label , in fact he need to be pros@ecuted awon werey.

___bbr007: No lies if an investigation is done and autopsy completed shows naira Marley isn’t involved in anyway they need to keep the same energy and apologise cause he has faced a lot of back lash from this!! If nah me law suit go flow for defamation of character for every Celeb wey post my pics without adequate proof!!

pyramidvalley__:  Nothing anyone can tell me, mohbad is still alive in that car while doesn’t id!!0t pronouns him dead, he was still shaking if you look closely, look at his head and chin .

chyddo:  Only for bullying that boy left right and center they deserve every dragging they got and more. Not even about who killed Moh, only for those bullying, threatening and mistreatment, they deserve what they’re getting!!

ladyjasminec:  Even if your brother didn’t k:ll Mohbad , how can you justify the bullying we all saw it , even when he was alive , he called your brother out cause he saw him as a threat to his life! Apology my foot ! You must have some gad damn guts ! The cap …..bully:ng someone to depression is as good as putting a to their head ! So shut the f up respectfully!.