How to Attach a PS4 Controller to a Computer

There are a couple of ways you connect your PS4 controller to a PC, and it’s as simple as pie to do so.

The PS4 controller is still one of the best available for modern gaming. From the sticks to the built-in gyro, it’s an exquisite all-in-one that seldom breaks down. Some games give both types of button prompts on the screen as PC and console gaming increasingly converge.

Connecting the PS4 controller to older games or even PC titles with the Game Pass can be challenging. While this is happening, Steam and a few games from the Epic Games Store can translate PS4 input to your game without needing additional software.

We’ll also go the tried-and-true way because this can be hit or miss.

How to Bluetooth-Pair Your PS4 Controller

How to Attach a PS4 Controller to a Computer

  • The Share and PS buttons on the controller should be held down until they flash
  • When the dongle starts to flash, press the button
  • Alternatively, add your controller to the Bluetooth menu on your computer
  • The pairing process needs to be automatic
  • Keep the adapter plugged in; doing so will preserve the prior connection

Push on the end of the adapter until it starts to flash, then hold the small Share button and the central circular button simultaneously until the controller’s backlight starts to flash. They will automatically pair after a brief period of flashing.

If your PC has built-in Bluetooth, you must go to the Bluetooth menu once it starts flashing, then choose your controller from the Add Bluetooth devices list.

Using a wired PlayStation 4 controller on a PC

How to Attach a PS4 Controller to a Computer

Using a wired PlayStation 4 controller on a computer is much simpler. The software should recognize Steam if you’re using it. You’ll need a micro USB cord for this.

You may need to convert the signal to XInput if your game is unresponsive once you connect it. Some games on the PS4 don’t support DirectInput, which the console uses. For this, DS4Windows will be required.