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Husband Arrested Pregnant Wife In Bed With Pastor

Husband Arrested Pregnant Wife In Bed With Pastor

A man has arrested his heavily pregnant wife with a pastor while having sex on his matrimonial bed.

He allegedly caught them red handed where they were surrounded with fetish items.

According to the man, his wife identified as Martha told him that she was going to her family home in Kitwe in Zambia.

But the husband who had left the house, changed his mind, returned and found his wife having sex with the pastor.

A video, recorded by the husband that has gone viral, shows the husband telling this wife not to move, that he would kill her.

In the video, the wife, was seen being naked, and was begging her husband, while the pastor was equally seen confused and trying to put on his shorts to cover his nakedness.

In the scene the pastor wanted to scare off the shadow of Martha’s husband or to charm the man’s spirit not to come back to his family home, so that he could take over Martha as his wife. The room was filled with charms, candles, flowers and other items that were on the floor for incantations and enchantments.

“Don’t move. I will kill you. Don’t move. Don’t move,. Get down!!!” the husband repeatedly shouted. On my bed, Martha… On my bed, Martha. You told me you were going to Kitwe …. What’s this??!!…Don’t come near me! … What about all these in my house? What about all these in my house?” But the woman, bending down, sobbed.”

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