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I Became Blind After Using Drugs And Receiving Treatment For Malaria For 7 Days – Kareem Babatunde

Kareem Babatunde, a 30-year-old visually impaired man, has described how he went blind and how, in spite of his disability, managed to learn to read and write.

He introduced himself as Kareem Babatunde from Ondo State in an interview with the Punch newspaper. I have visual impairment. Before moving on to the Federal College of Education( Special) in Oyo, I attended Owo High School in Ondo State. I received my degree in 2016, and I have a child.

“I wasn’t born this way( blind).” On July 19, 1998, I went blind. Malaria was the root of it. So, after taking the medications and receiving seven days of malaria treatment, other things happened during that time. Later, I started to lose my vision as a result. I consequently developed malaria and lost my sight.

He also described how, in addition to some mobility and orientation skills, a visually impaired man like himself taught him how to write and read in braille.