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‘I can’t think of one player with so little fight as him’: Some United fans close to losing hope with Sancho

Jadon Sancho is finally back in the Manchester United squad after spending a few months training on his own.

The forward, who has scored two goals in four games since his return, shone in the no.10 role against Leicester City last week.

And Man United supporters want to see more of the 22-year-old in a central role as Erik ten Hag looks to get the best out of the England international.

'I hope he wants to be no.10': Man United fans think they found best role for Jadon Sancho

KikiDaKats (via RedCafe): “I like Sancho as a 10 and I hope he wants to be one. His game is not built on physical attributes to be a force out wide.”

bosnian_red: “I think he’s great as a 10 because his movement is excellent, intelligence, decision making, close control are all excellent. His link up play is the best in our squad by far, he isn’t a selfish player and is capable of slowing the game down and upping the tempo far better than others in our team. Our team specifically needs those qualities.”

lex talionis: “Sancho doesn’t have the pace of any kind of winger, inverted or otherwise. But drifting around opportunities from a central position suits him well.”

Greck: “If you look at all of Sancho’s goals this season they have all come from being allowed to drift through the middle. He’s not a wide man in the Premier League, doesn’t have super pace or skill.”

Teja: “His transition to being Juan Mata is complete. For his sake, I hope he’s the Chelsea version of Mata and not the Man United version.”

jeff_goldblum: “Bringing Sancho inside makes so much sense given his skill-set. He’s great in tight spaces, both on the ball and in terms of playing off others and he’s a lot quicker over short distances than he is over a longer sprint. He’s far more useful popping up in the middle to play quick passes than he is stuck out on the wing running at fullbacks.”