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I Convinced My Husband To Go By Road Instead Of Flight So As To Make It Easy For The Kidnappers To Kidnap Him

I convinced my husband to go by road instead of flight so as to make it easy for the kidnappers to kidnap him

“My husband had gone to Abuja to recieve an award on the best lawyers

He want to go by flight but I convinced him to go buy road. Stating me reasons

Just this morning I received a call from an unknown number thinking it was my husband using another phone to call I pick eagerly.

To my utmost surprise it was someone else. He’s a kidnapper and they have kidnapped my husband on his way to Abuja yesterday.

I was downcast and the fact that they asked for 80million ransom was another thing.

I reported to the police but no result was forthcoming and they kidnappers give a two days ultimatum.

The two days lapsed and I recieve a call from the kidnapper again. They are to k! ll my husband because of my failure to get the money.

To show that they really mean it they show a live video of how they shot my husband and how he slumped to the ground.

This was all I wished for.

I had convince my husband to go by road so as to make it easy for the kidnappers to kidnap him

I also make them tell a ransom I won’t be able to pay so they will have to k! ll him.

I had since keep a grudge with my husband since the day I caught him sleeping with our 9 years old daughter.”