“I don’t do drugs again!”, Singer Crayon, rains praises at his feat

Nigerian singer, Crayon, has taken to Twitter to praise himself from his discontinuation of drug use.The ‘Ngozi’ crooner noted some of his anecdote on the micro blogging app and shared how deep he was into drugs in the past before his career turn around.

He claimed he took tramadol alot back in the days, with a maximum dose reaching 700mg.

Stressing further, he mentioned few other drugs he and his guys had taken before turning a new leaf with the help of ‘babyfresh’, who took him out from the slums.

He tweeted:

“Bro I use to do drugs back in the days!! In ojo name it!!! Trams ? My highest na 700 milligram!  Skushi’s from ele! 2 big ragolis me and my guys!! Emzolyn I dey pop raw 2 bottles !!! Ref!!! But I no do ice shaaa!! And I no smoke Igbo sha me I get sense !!! Babyfresh picked me up from the slums he said you gats stop all those things I did!! All glory to God ! I did!! Now I don’t smoke or do those things any more!!! Upon all the money wey I get !!! I’m chilled !!!”