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“I Don’t Hate Akpabio; I Just Know That He Will Add No Value To Tinubu’s Government” – Asari Dokubo

In a recent Facebook livestream, former Niger Delta militant Alhaji Asari Mujahid Dokubo expressed his opposition to the emergence of Godswill Akpabio as the next Senate President. Dokubo clarified that his stance is not fueled by personal animosity towards Akpabio but rather by his belief that Akpabio would not contribute positively to the government led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Dokubo emphasized the current challenges faced by the Southeast region and the need for a leader who can unite opposition forces against the prevailing anarchist activities in that area. He expressed concern about the ongoing turmoil and called for someone capable of organizing a strong opposition to counter the anarchic elements operating freely in the Southeast.

In his closing remarks, Dokubo appealed to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, urging him to allocate the Senate position to the South-East in order to establish an all-inclusive government. He believed that such a gesture would help appease the silent forces in the region who, despite their presence, may hesitate to confront the anarchists directly.

Dokubo’s statements reflect his desire for effective leadership that addresses the challenges faced by the Southeast region. By advocating for an opposition figure who can rally against the prevailing chaos, he aims to bring stability and peace to the region. Additionally, his call for an all-inclusive government demonstrates his belief in the power of representation and dialogue as means to bridge divisions and pacify the concerned parties.

It is important to consider different perspectives and opinions, as they contribute to the broader discourse on governance and regional development. However, the ultimate decision regarding the Senate President lies with the political leaders and relevant stakeholders involved in the selection process.