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“I have A Kid With My Father, He Forced Me And I Accepted To Do It” – A Sad Story

A 25-year-old lady, who prefers to remain anonymous, has bravely opened up about her dark past, involving her biological father who sexually assaulted her and impregnated her at a tender age of 12 years.

The father always showed up at her room and tried to do inappropriate things with her. The situation became more serious when the father made it a habit, threatening to withhold paying for her school fees if she did not comply.

Despite the trauma, she continued to sleep with her father to ensure her education, but this led to an unwanted pregnancy. The father then threatened her not to reveal the truth to anyone, or else she would face consequences.

After giving birth and finishing her maternity leave, she wanted to resume school. However, she was shocked when her father said that for her to pay her school fees, they would have to continue their sexual relationship.

This was the last straw, and she decided to open up to the village elder about the evil deeds of her father. Her mother was informed and she collapsed upon hearing the shocking story.

This led to a court case, and a DNA test was conducted, which proved that there was a 99% chance that the child belonged to her father. The father was arrested and jailed, but he threatened to harm Joyce and her mother once he was released.

Joyce is seeking protection, as she fears that her father may be released from jail this year. She also requires support to pay for her disabled daughter’s medical bills and to support her life.